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Woman Arrested For Conning Foreigners Ksh.300,000,000 In Fake Gold Scam

The most reliable way to identify whether your item is real gold, or not, is to have it appraised by a certified jeweler. However, before you take your item in for a professional appraisal, there are some simple methods for discovering whether your gold item is real or fake. These methods includes:

1. Oil test method.

Real gold does not react to oil. If your finger or other area of the skin turns green or black after wearing the item, it is not pure gold. Gold does not react to the oils in our skin, but silver and copper both can leave behind green or black marks.

2. Magnetic test method.

Once you find a magnet, hold it in front of the gold item. For the genuine gold items, you will eventually notice that they're not attracted by magnets.

3. Water test method.

Real gold sinks in water, this is because pure gold is denser than other metals. Gold item will sink quickly and directly to the bottom of a tub or bottle of water. Fake gold can float or fall more slowly. Real gold also won’t rust or tarnish when exposed to water, while gold plated items can show discoloration.

In Kenya fake gold are normally discourage because it encourage fake trades in the country. Currently the police detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), arrested a woman who defrauding a foreigner of Ksh.300 million in a fake gold scandal.

The suspect by the name; Pauline Adhiambo is said to have been in hideout since last year. "Immediately the victim reported the matter to detectives, Pauline went into hiding prompting a warrant for her arrest to be issued in January 2020." Detectives in their reports said.

According to detectives report, the suspect cone foreigners by telling them to pay Ksh. 300 millions; so that she would deliver gold to their home country.

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