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Why is violence and deaths becoming more rampant among us?

In 2020 alone, gender based violence has risen by 90%. This is a scary and worrying figure. And this is majorly in families. This has descended on us fast as a nation that I'm not sure we know how to deal with it any longer. Unfortunately in 2021, instead of us being able to contain the situation, it has graduated to people now killing each other. A day will not go by without us hearing news of stabbing or shooting. Again this is happening in families.

The questions is, have we failed in our conflict resolution tactics? What's making people this angry to the point of hitting or butchering your spouse?

What is happening in families?

Growing up, families were communal. If a couple had a conflict, there were people close to them who would be summoned to settle the dispute. Nowadays no one dares to share their problems because either no one will care, or they will go spreading your problems around and using you as an example of a bad marriage. So you choose to internalise your issues.

Secondly everyone is too busy to even notice something is wrong with the next person.

It's about time as a nation we find ways of dealing with the things affecting us effectively. Find a platform where people can feel safe to share what is hurting them. Especially the men who find it difficult to share issues with just anyone. A safe haven where one can freely open up without fear of judgement. I believe it's a start to saving ourselves.

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