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Man Tries To Chop Off Boy's Private Parts Over Mango Fruit

In many cases some people fully depend on different resources for livelihood.Some depend on farming like planting of mango trees that will later bear fruits that they will now sell.

Today in Meru county a man was arrested due to the fact that he tried chopping private parts of a boy.The culprit claimed that he tried do because the boy was stealing his mango fruits.He added that the mangoes are the only source of his livelihood and in many occasions has been bringing him more profit.

The incidence was reported after the attempt of murder that later raised concerns.The police arrived in time and the man was arrested and he has been taken to the nearby police station.

This was seen as an evil behaviour in the society where some people said that only mango fruit could lead to the death of the young boy.The villagers were warned against such evil behaviours.They were advised to report wherever any incident happen rather than having actions.

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