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Five Signs You Will Be Poor Forever

The world is classified into have and have nots. Falling in either of the two, is a choice you made. It is our actions that gives us the life and desires we crave to achieve. Hard work packed with determination, is a powerful key of success. Here are signs that you will remain poor unless you are ready to change.

1. You are not willing to start

When there is an opportunity to veture into business, you are not ready to start. You will start giving excuses to justify why you should not start the opportunity.

2. You are a doubting "Thomas"

Successful people are risk takers. They take risks to start every opportunity that knocks. If you keep painting opportunities scam, then it is a sign of being poor. Do not doubt what you have not tried.

3. Fear of failure

Fear of failure is holding you in the chains of poverty. To be successful, you need to veture into unknown, hoping to come out of it full of light. If your excuse of not working for something is a fear that you will fail, then you are in the chain of poverty. The very definition of failure is failing to start

4. Loving your comfort zone

Success in life will not come by comforts, it comes by uncomfortable affairs. You have to sacrifice your time and energy working for yourself. If you love comfort zones, poverty is your kingdom. Life is outside the comfort zone.

5. Doing things to please others

The world's most successful people, do what adds value to their lives and not because they want to be praised by everyone. To succeed, you have to be yourself and do what you love without worrying what others might think of you.

You are in the centre of your life and it is your action that creates the life you crave for. Manage and shape yourself for success. Make your life happen the way you want by making poverty enemy number One.

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