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The untold stories of Olmoran generation after bandits attacks

The banditary activities and massive destruction of property was going on until the government deployed a heavy security profile to bring the situation to normality.This wars have been constantly going on just before elections inorder to scare people to vote in a certain way.

The residents while addressing citizen television journalist said that the trend of stealing livestock, burning of houses and grazing of livestock in their farms has been a continuous trend.This has left a horrifying experience since loss of lives has also taken place in their presence.The bandits have managed to instill them with fear and thus able to carry out their activities.

The heavy weaponry possesed by the bandits have been used to take away the lives of their kins and graves remain a painful experience throughout the residents of Olmoran.

Children have been forced to leave school since security away from home cannot be guaranteed.The bandits have even burnt schools and the learners only remain at homes or camps where they have fled to.The children are also traumatized since the shooting of guns also get to their ears and some have even witnessed the killing of their own parents.

Livestock have been lost in uncountable numbers without trace on their whereabouts,the loss has been so immense that it can be felt taking the residents back to poverty.

The elderly while addressing the journalist can relate to horrifying experience of how they have been attacked in the past with no one to come to their rescue.They have not known any peace and incase of any attacks,they are forced to abandon their homes and property and flea for their lives.They can relate well to the torture they have experienced in the hands of the insensitive bandits who have even killed their children.

The worst part is that they have to live in the reality that home is not Safe all the time.

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