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Nimechoka: A frustrated Female Police Officer Demands Resignation Before She Commits Suicide

Police officers have reported that their work is often stressful and responding to domestic violence calls, is often viewed with frustration. Frustration can lead to poor health, low morale and behaviour problems.

Women and minority officers in service are normally said face additional frustration and stress. They are more likely to face disapproval from fellow officers and from family members. Supervisors, peers and the members of public, normally question women officers’ ability to handle the emotional and physical rigors of their job.

Currently, a female police officer who is based in Mombasa has shocked Kenyans; after she posted a video narrating how she has been frustrated in the service. The officer spoke in a low tone in video clip, narrates how she has unsuccessful attempts to get a resignation from the National Police Service but all in vein.

In a video that has spread online like a bushfire, the frustrated officer is heard ranting how she has been pushed to the limits, adding that she is tired of serving in the police force.

"Inspector general nisaidie tu nitoke kwa hi kazi ya polisi kwa sababu nimechoka na nikienda nje naeza perform vizuri sana........ Sitaki kazi ya polisi, pesa zangu wacha wachukue Mungu atawaauliza pesa zangu." She lamented.

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