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"I Found Out My Husband Was HIV Positive On His Death Bed After We Had Separated," A Woman Opens Up

A woman, identified as Dorothy, who is the CEO of Women Fighting Aids In Kenya(WOFAK), shares her sad story on how she found out she was infected with HIV/AIDS.

According to Dorothy, her marriage had lasted for several years, and they were blessed with three children. They started having issues with the husband to a point they decided to separate, little did she know what was awaiting.

Later on, she heard that her ex-husband had fallen ill, and he was admitted in hospital. His condition continued to deteriorate with time, she states. Being the father of her children, she decided to go check on him, and that's when she found out the unthinkable.

Her husband had been HIV/AIDS positive all this time, and he didn't even bother to inform her. She was in disbelief, and she immediately knew that she was going to die, she says. Few days later, her husband lost his battle and he succumbed. It was painful for her, even though he had hidden his condition from her all this time.

She decided to go to hospital to perform several tests and that's when doctors confirmed that she was positive. It broke her heart and death thoughts raced through her mind. She took a step of taking her children to her sisters and brothers so that they would take care of them when she was gone.

Years went by, and she is still here, stronger than before. She goes ahead to say that she feared disclosing the news to her children and her local community, since she was afraid of the stigma that comes with the disease. 

She eventually accepted her condition fully, and shared it with her children who she says, we're aware from before after seeing her doctor's report in her bedroom. She is now into helping women and children fight the disease and live like any other person.

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