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Covid -19 and it's economic toll on women

For the single mother in South Sudan ,Covid -19 lockdown measures have paused her small business that brings food to the table.

For the domestic worker in Guatemala ,the pandemic has meant no job no unemployment benefits or other protection for countless women in economies of every size.

Together with losing once , unpaid care and domestic work burden has exploded .While everyone is facing unprecedented challenges,women are bearing the burnt of the economic and social fallout.

Women who are poor and marganized face an even high risk of COVID-19 transmission and fatalities ,loose of Love good and increased violence Globally, 70 percent of health workers and first responders are women and yet they are not par with their male counter parts.Covid has highly contributed to the poor economic also in the country leaving many people unemployed....others even loosing where they called a home especially those renting due to lack of money to pay their rent for the women with little ones have truely suffered slot.This covid virus should be controlled to ensure our women are safe especially the expectant mothers and those who are breastfeeding.

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