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Tricks Kenya's Are Using to Bypass Police Barricades to And Out of The Five Counties Under Lockdown

Despite the president's directives to curb the spread of covid-19 infections through restrictions of movement into and out of five counties ( Nakuru Kajiado Machakos Nairobi and Kiambu), people have developed tricks to bypass the police roadblocks and navigate without fear. Followingthe government efforts to deal with the corruption going through the police barricade is not possible and therefore they have come up with tricks to go through unnoticed using uncommon routes.

Boda Bodas has become the main mode of transport for those entering cessation counties but with conditions to ensure the police will have no evidence that you are not from around or within the border areas. One,you are not supposed to dress in an official or very smart way something that might indicate you are on a journey, second, you are not supposed to put on makeup and other products to enhance your beauty and the third condition is to ensure you don't carry languages.

Following those three conditions, motorbikes are ready to carry people across the boulders to those locked counties through shortcuts and hidden routes that have no police patrol. This is the current trick that people are using to go into the locked and also out of those counties without being caught by the police.

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Boda Bodas


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