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Police Officers Attack And Arrest A Standard Photographer After Receiving Orders From The OCS

The fight against illegal drugs in Kenya, is among the major moves by the National Police Service to ensure that our country is secured from illegal substance that may harm our youths.

According to a recent post retrieved from the standard media group, a photographer was briefly arrested by police in Langas area of Eldoret after he was caught taking pictures of bhang sized by police.

We have established that the OCS ordered for his arrest, Peter Ochieng as he is known, was briefly detained before being released.

He is currently undergoing a medical check-up for injuries he allegedly sustained during the arrest.

Police have been in the spotlight, for inflicting harm on journalist that put their lives on the line to ensure that Kenyans are updated in real time.

We as the media fraternity condemns such brutal acts on reporters, police officers involved in any attack against a media personnel should be healed to account for his or her actions.

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