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"I Walked On Snow Barefooted When My Son Died. I Was Confused And Totally Stressed."Christine Stated

Cristine Wangari painfully narrates how she lost her two months old baby and how it affected mentally. She claimed that she became so stressed that one day she walked barefooted on snow without her knowledge until a neighbor rescued her.

According to Christine her mother was a single mother of three children and she was the first born. She worked hard to give them a good life and Christine got a chance to attend a good secondary school. After she finished school she was enrolled to a college where she did tourism.

She claimed that she got a chance to work with Pakistan airlines where she worked for three year. She decided to to relocate to Canada afterwards for further studies. Two years later she graduated and got a job in a good company.

A few months later she met a man and they fell inlove. They started dating and within no time she got pregnant. Her boyfriend refused to take responsibility of the pregnancy and Christine was left alone to take care of the baby. Nine months later she gave birth to a baby boy and life was very difficult as a single mother.

She said that she didn't have anybody to take care of her while she left the hospital and things became overwhelming. She could barely take care of herself or her baby. The bills were many and her income had reduced after she was given her maternity leave.

She said that one day she was had just breast fed her child when she laid him to sleep. She went on with her house chores and decided to check on her baby. She found him looking pale and she knew something was wrong, with the help of neighbors they called for ambulance and her son was rushed to hospital.

She claimed that the doctors said that her baby had died a few minutes before getting to the hospital from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that happens to young babies who are healthy. Cristine was in shock and confusion.

"I couldn't believe that my son had died. I was in shock and disbelief as the doctors gave me the sad news." Christine stated.

She claimed that after her son's funeral she was in denial and she became stressed, she could barely sleep and many are the times that she cried and night and attempted to take her life. One day she walked out of her house barefooted and walked on cold snow for a distance and a neighbor rescued her.

Christine stated that her friends and family organized for a fundraising where she was brought back to Kenya for treatment. Her mother took her for counseling and she was in heavy medication for months.

She said that afterwards she recoverd and she tells her story to encourage people who have gone through the same situation to get treatment when things become difficult or stressful.

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