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Husband and wife relationship

Jalango Today Has Condemned Those Men Who Allow Their Side Chicks To Abuse The Wife

Today Jalango in his Kiss 100 morning show has condemned those men who allow their side chicks to have an access to their wife and they end up abusing the wife.

Jalango went a head and said that in such cases it is the man's fault because they have given their side chics so much space. He was speaking to his co-host Kamene Goro during the Morning Kiss, Jalang'o shared,

"How do you as a man allow your side chick to abuse your wife? The problem there is not the side chick but the guy. How do you give access to your wife to a side babe somewhere hata kama unadharau bibi?"

Personally I agree with Jalango 's views because no way your chic can start abusing your wife and you are just seated their and relaxed doing nothing. How can you as a man just give your side chic your wife's number it is a sign of disrespect to your wife.

Their are something as men you are not supposed to do.

Never ever tell your side chic the weakness of your wife or give her your wife's number she might call her due to jealousy and abuse her. Knowing your wife's weakness the side chic might use it to her in the wrong ways.

As a man never ever take your side chic to your wife's house or sleep in the same bed you sleep with your wife that is an abomination. Do not try that and do not allow your side chic to even know where you live and never give her access to your family.

She is just a side a chic not a family member why should you allow her to know alot of things about your family. Men play your games nicely do not hurt your wife's feelings please.

Thank and may the good Lord help you.

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