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Good News to People Who Consume Ugali as The Government Comes To Their Rescue

The ministry of Agriculture has come to the rescue of people who eat Ugali againt aflatoxin related diseases that arise after injesting aflatoxins from Maize flour.

The government is set to provide local maize posho millers with testing equipments for aflatoxins.

It will be a mandatory for the Posho Millers to test all maize before milling so as to try and identify any maize contaminated with aflatoxins.

This is aimed to enaure that Kenyans Do not feed on aflatoxin-contaminated flour.

Ken Nyaga who is the chairman of The United Grain Millers Association said that the ministry of Agriculture has realised that the aflatoxin regulation only apply to the large scale millers but does not apply to local posho miller.

He noted this is a major problem and setback in trying to prevent food poisoning due to aflatoxins since even the local maize contain aflatoxins in large amounts.

He then advised the government to ensure that even the local millers in the villages test all the maize before milling it so as to ensure no Kenyan consumes the aflatoxin in maize.

This will help so much in trying to ensure that the rate at which the aflatoxin is consumed in Kenya is reduced significantly.

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