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Breakthrough as 3 More Are Rescued From Bondo Collapsed Mine After 7 Days, One Body Retrieved

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For almost seven days, bondo gold Miners have been burried inside a cave with rescuers digging day and night to retrieve them.

However, the young men will live to thank the Almighty God for a second chance in life.

According to news reports, three out of the four miners who were trapped have been rescued alive, sadly one of them was dead.

Reports also indicate that another one missing miner is yet to be located with the rescue mission continuing futher.

According to a young miner who survived the horrifying tragedy, he had given the elderly men some warning shots.

Talking from his hospital bed the young miner said he could see soil dropping slowly from the top, however his seniors called him a coward and continued to dig deeper.

It is still a mystery and moreover a miracle as to how the three came out alive after seven days underground.

So many questions have been raised, as to what they fed on for the said days with kenyans eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of what really transpired down there.

Locals who have been campaigning at the scene have been blaming the government for not helping them to recover their kins.

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