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Tension In Nyeri County Has Burial Delayed For Three Years

The burial of the late Samuel has been delayed for 3 years laying in Mortuary Over Land Dispute.The late Samuel died on October 2, 2018, and was expected to be buried one week later but due to land dispute burial was delayed. On February 15, 2019 Case was filled in Nyeri court to prevent the burial of the late Samuel in that land.

The late Samuel window Ann at his home in Mukurwe-ini in Nyeri County. She is asking the Government to help her to burial her husband who his laying in the Mortuary for three years now.

Ann says that she has lost five cases in court concerning the ownership of her late husband's land. Samuel died 70 years old and her wife says he is the one who had evidence concerning his legal ownership. Now Ann is filing an appeal in the Court of Justice to claim the ownership of their late husband's land.

The Principal Magistrate in Nyeri court Philip says the new owner of the land acquired the land legally after buying from the late Samuel. He followed all the channels required in buying the and acquiring Land title deed.

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