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Road Accident

KARATINA: Train Rams Into a Truck Carrying Sodas, Kenyans Loot The Beverages

Motorists are always advised to be extra careful on the Kenyan highways to avoid some of the accidents that are witnessed on our roads on a daily basis.

Picture courtesy. Image from scene.

The accidents can be avoided if only adherence to traffic rules is maintained at all times on the highways.

This afternoon, a train has just crashed into a lorry full of sodas at Karatina but luckily, there are no injuries.

Picture Courtesy. Image from scene.

The accident has just created a major traffic snarlup on the busy highway as well as the train getting stuck there.

Kenyans have taken the time to loot the vehicle and they can be seen enjoying the sodas with the crates that are all over the road.

Picture Courtesy. Image from scene.

In an exclusive video obtained by this writer, the vehicle has been stuck at the place with the training ramming its rear end.

We urge drivers to ensure that that they are careful on the highways to avoid such accidents.

Kenyans are also advised not to loot vehicles that have been involved in accidents anywhere in the country as these cases have been on the rise.


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