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If You Are Living In The Following Areas, Expect Power Interruption

Electricity is very important to the life of human beings because it is used in different ways. Some uses include, cooking, charging phones, lighting houses and many other. Furthermore, digital devices such as desktop computer, laptop and television need electricity.

Furthermore, there are many sources of electricity such as geothermal, solar panel and diesel or petrol generators.

Sometimes, power blackout is experienced in different parts of our country. The power outage can be caused by different factors such as faulty cables, maintenance or heavy rainfall .

Accordingly from the source, Kenya power have listed some places that will be affected today. Some places include, Kericho county, Machakos, Nyamira county, Some parts of Kiambu county and some parts of Nandi country.

Look the following screenshots and check your place if you are living in the above mentioned counties. Furthermore, you can use other sources of electricity such as solar panel and many others.

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