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"Usiku Anakuja Kukula na Bibi" Angry Mob Narrates How Chief Is Salivating To Somebody's Wife

Drama in kedowa Kericho county after the residents of kedowa location took the laws into their own hands over what they termed encroachment of illegal property, wife, by the chief

It was his 40th day for the said Chief after the irate Members of the community descended on him and threatens to burn after it was alleged that he has been having an affair with somebody's wife, something which didn't sit well with the vast majority.

According to the husband of the wife, he has been receiving some disheartening and not-so-good reports that every other time when he is not at home, the chief could come at night and spend some quality time with his wife. It is not once or twice, but severally.

However, the residents could no longer stomach chief thirsty natural. Were it not for the police to come on time, Chief would have been sent to his maker earlier than he anticipated. He was then whisked to Kedowa police station awaiting to be arraigned in court and investigation commences in earnest.

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Bibi Chief Kericho Usiku Anakuja Kukula


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