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Noble act by Matungulu Politician That Warmed Locals Hearts

Dr.Philip Munyao presenting the wheelchair to the mother(in yellow) of the eleven-year-old boy (source. c Patterson)

An 11-year-old boy from Ngomeni village, Matungulu sub county has a reason to smile after being granted a chance to acquire mobility and education.

Boniface Matheka is disabled and lacked a wheelchair forcing him to crawl using one of his hands.

On Sunday evening Philip Munyao a politician and parliamentary aspirant visited the family gifting the boy with a customized wheelchair.

He also secured admission for the boy to start his education at Ngomeni primary school buying him full uniforms and stationaries needed.

He swore that he will ensure the boy goes to school and lives his life like other normal kids.

After identifying the boy we took him through the needed process and also acquires for him the convertible wheelchair which will also serve as his desk at school," he said.

He urged organizations and government departments dealing with people living with disabilities to identify such kids who could be hidden in homes and help them so that they can learn to depend on themselves.

"We brought him all the stuff to ensure he lives his life normally like any other child, he used to crawl which is sad and heart-wrenching. We know there are other kids like him in homes who don't have a way out. I would like to urge the department of people living with disabilities and any other department concerned like the woman representatives office to identify and help these children and change their lives," he added.

The mother of the boy narrated that she was afraid to leave him alone lest he gets injured.

The mother of five noted that she is happy her son will be joining the school from tomorrow and she can now have time to fend for the other kids.

"My husband died long ago and I am the breadwinner, I have dive kids and he is the only one who is disabled I was afraid to leave him alone when going somewhere yet I need to look for money. I depend on menial jobs to feed my family," she noted.

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