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Man Bitten By Neighbor’s Escaped Python While Sitting On The Toilet

An Austrian had today morning encountered nightmares when a python slid through his drains and bit him while he was sitting on the toilet.

The stunned 65-year-old in the city of Graz turned around shortly after 6 a.m. to have a look at roughly 1.6-meter (5-foot) albino reticulated snake ( python) in the bowl, according to police reports in the province of Styria.

“Few minutes after he sat on the toilet the Graz neighbour by his own account noticed a bite in the private areas of his buttocks,” the police report in part.

The snake, a constrictor native to Asia and grew more almost 10 metres (34 feet) long, is believed to have escaped a neighbor’s house unknowingly and slid into the toilet on the drains, however, its exact route was not revealed, the police report stated.

A snake expert notified by the emergency services came and took away the reptile from the toilet, washed it and took it back to its owner. The snake's victim was rushed to nearby hospital for emergency treatment with minor injuries.

The 24-year-old resident, who owns 11 snakes, all non-venomous constrictors, was reported to the security officer’s office for negligently leaving the python to cause a bodily harm.

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