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Never Refuse To Eat Githeri Due To Gas Effect, Trick Finally Revealed

Githeri, also called is a Kenyan traditional meal of maize and legumes , mostly beans of any type mixed and boiled together. The maize and beans are mixed together in a sufuria or pot, water is then added and the mixture boiled until the food is cooked and ready to eat. Githeri is the staple food of the (Agikuyu,

Meru , (Mbeere people and Embu people in the Central Province and Eastern Province of Kenya, but it is also popular in other parts of the country and other communities, such as the Kamba people of Eastern province of Kenya. The beans and maize can either be fresh or dry, but most people prefer fresh because of the better taste. It is easy to access because

maize and beans are readily available in these areas since they are mostly sourced directly from local farms and homesteads. Githeri can also be made into a stew with the addition of vegetables and potatoes, and sometimes meat. Githeri is also used to make (mukimo) after the addition of potatoes, bananas, and greens, and mashing up the mixture. Lately, there has been a rise in the popularity of Githeri due to the health benefits associated with the plant-based dish.

Well are you aware of the secret benefit of boiling carrots together with the mixture? Luckily the carrot has the ability to absorb gases making it to be eaten by everyone including those with gas problems.Just place the carrot in the mixture as it boils and you will see wonders.

be sure to follow me for the next Informative article. Also share with friends and family too that Githeri is good food for all using this simple trick. Good day✌️👊

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