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Robbery Ends in Tears After a Thug is Mercilessly Slaughtered With His Own Knife In Kiambu

A knife wielding robber got a dose of his own medicine, when a knife he had sharpened to slaughter innocent victims in Muguga, Kiambu county, sent him to the grave first.

Before the sudden twist of events, Evans Atuya, 35, whose lifeless body is lying at Gachie level 4 hospital had together with two of his accomplices attacked Godwin Wanyama, at his house in Muguga, Kabete sub county.

The three had stormed into Wanyama’s house at 2am by knocking his door to the ground using a huge rock, rudely awakening him from his slumber.

A scuffle immediately ensued as the thugs tried to subdue their victim. But a tactful Wanyama went straight for Atuya’s hand and dispossessed him of the knife. Like a lioness whose cubs were under attack, he furiously went for the suspect’s neck and stabbed him as his accomplices took flight!

The suspect only managed a few steps from Wanyama’s house, before he fell down and succumbed to the injuries caused by his own weapon.

Residents who has wind of the incident flocked to Wanyama’s house where a man hunt for the rest started.

Detectives from kiambu also toured the area and xeterm that it was True the rogue criminals had attacked Wanyama nearly ending his life.

The DCI has also requested all kenyans across the country to avoid deadly confrontations with thugs during robberies that might end their lives.

Reactions. .

Duke... I like reading your articles a lot. Not because of the nature of the news, but because of the juicy way of explaining situations and classy choice of words. Thank you.

Njeb... So the set books that we read in high schools were not fiction, the page editor is on another level on narrations. "The tactiful Wanyama may be trained on safety measures to employ on attack without forgetting the meaning of his name in central where he hails"

Obura... Mutual respect Wanyama for reducing court cases on such matter's . My respect also goes to Bungoma residents for flashing out and eliminating another rogue Wanyama who had decided to specialized on killing kids instead of being a mechanic or a Bodaboda somewhere.

Atleast Kenyan's are on the right track when it comes to dealing with these lazy stubborn rogues.

Siyo Covid, siyo Curfew, + Wakora tena ???

A thief should tell a thief,, to go and tell a thief..... that thieves day is over in Kenya, unless they form their own Country whereby they can steal from each other but not Kenyan's !

Aaaaaiii ..aiwezekani h ivo !

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