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Pursuit Techniques That Police Use for Stopping a Fleeing Suspect

1). Pit maneuver

The PIT (Precision Intervention/Immobilization Technique) maneuver is intentional controlled contact designed to send the suspect's vehicle into a tailspin, thus ending the pursuit. The pursuing officer taps the fleeing vehicle on the corner of its rear bumper to cause the driver to lose control as the vehicle comes to a spinning stop.

2). Roadblocks

Blocking techniques require officers to position themselves in front of a fleeing suspect. To create a stationery roadblock, one or more police vehicles are positioned to block oncoming vehicles, making crashes likely.

3). Trailing

Trailing a suspect is the most basic form of pursuit used by police officers. They simply follow the suspect and give them visual and audible direction to stop.

4). High-tech solutions

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking powers a tool called Star Chase that allows police to locate a suspect vehicle without pursuit.

The device contains a GPS tag which is launched from the officer's vehicle and adheres to the suspect's vehicle. The location of the suspect vehicle can then be tracked on a map instead of a risky pursuit.

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