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Road Accident

Mordern Coast Crash Survivors Reveals What The Driver Was Doing Throughout The Way


Few days ago Kenyans were left mourning after a Modern Coast Bus got involved in a tragic accident at Nithi Bridge which costed the lives of 35 people.

However, by God's grace few people survived from the horrific accident thought they were left with serious injuries and of course they had something to say about the accident.

Amongst the nine people who survived the crash was Mwashiradi Kipele, James Otieno and Hassan Mukoko. Speaking to the media while on their beds in Chuka County Referral Hospital the three recalled what happened during their journey inside the Modern Coast Bus.

Mr Otieno was travelling with his two sons and the latter's girlfriend coming from the village to Mombasa where they had gone for a dowry negotiation before the accident happened.Photo/Courtesy

According to Mr Otieno the Bus had Mechanical issues from the start and that it even failed to start at Maua. During the entired journey Otieno recounts that he could hear unusual sounds when the driver changed the gears.

Otieno reveals that the driver struggled to drive the bus especially on hills and slopes because he had to engage a low gear.Source.

But when the bus got at Nithi Bridge the driver tried to engage a low gear but it failed and the bus started moving very fast.after trying so hard the driver was able to beat two corners but on getting to the third corner the bus lost control hit the the guard rail on the bridge and plugged in the river. The Survivors are still receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

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