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Get the real picture of Tuwan Slum

Slum is an area which has many houses that are built together in a very small space. The area normally has garbage collections and sewages which have bad smell that pollutes the air.Tuwan slum is found in Trans Nzoia County at the sub county of Trans Nzoia West under Tuwan ward of Central division. The area is some few minutes from the Central Business Division (CBD).The area has many youths who hustle day and nights in search for food, shelter and clothes. Most of the women sell goods by the roadsides so as to satisfy their needs.It is a place known with large children who love playing and shouting around at any body who passes by. Most of them spotted barefooted with running noses which are none stop.The residents therefore urge the concerned authorities to enable the resume of Kazi Mtaani which is pausing on 10th June 2021 so as to enable them get their daily breads and make the slum drainage systems clean. Please do not forget to like, comment and share this article.

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