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Kakamega Family Lased with Acid by Unknown Assailants While Dining in the Night (Video)

Screengrab from video/ Courtesy.

A family in Eshitimba village, Khwisero sub-county, Kakamega County is living in fear and agonizing pain after unknown assailant allegedly poured acid on them while at their house at night.

 In a video shared by Bathlomeo Nyariki and has since gone viral on social media platforms, displays the harrowing situation the family of six is going through.

According to the mother, the incident happened on June 8, 2021 at about 8PM when the family was having an evening dinner inside their house. One of her children named Faith excused herself to go outside for a short call.

She stood up and headed for the door. However, as soon as she put one step outside their door, she was immediately splashed with a liquid substance by unknown assailant who apparently had laid in wait patiently at the door.

Screengrab from video/ Courtesy.

No sooner had she been splashed by the substance that she begun writhing in pain all over her body where it got into contact. That is when she realized that she had been splashed with acid.

The other occupants of the house were not left behind either, as splashes of the acid went straight at them and they too suffered multiple injuries.

Screengrab from video/ Courtesy.

Some of the property in the house including beddings and clothes and curtains were shred into pieces.

Up to now, the family is yet to understand the motive behind the attack as they had lived peacefully with neighbors.

The family is appealing for any well-wisher to sponsor them get medicated as they live in deplorable conditions and have no money to purchase medicine.

They are also asking the government to move with speed and apprehend the suspects.

Click on the link to watch the video and find out about the rest of the story:



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Bathlomeo Nyariki Eshitimba Kakamega Kakamega County Khwisero


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