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Be Aware of These 4 Tactics Thieves Use if you are in These 4 Counties

Here in Kenya there is a high rate of crime in all regions of Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and coastal beach resorts.

Today I decided to share with you four tactics Thieves use to steal innocent people. Many people across the World they lost their phones every day but not because of careless, thieves are more in the market.

Below are four tactics Thieves use to steal nowadays.

1. Stealing from handbag

Many people they lost expensive things in the streets without them knowing. But Thieves they pretend they are bussy but they are targeting to steal from people when they are not aware. Be careful in market knowing no people to trust regardless how he or she is wearing.

2. Using motorbikes

Thieves are using motorbike to steal phones in a roads especially at night. Please don't used your phone in market especially ladies because this cases are increasing day by day of losing expensive things.

3. Stealing from pocket

Please please especially men who used to keep their phones on back-pocket, is your time to change that behavior because Thieves nowadays they are all conner of the country.

4. Steeling in Jam roads

This is a another tactics Thieves used especially during the day. Please if you are in a jam, make sure your windows of car are closed because people they pretend they are selling goods but their main aim they are bussy targeting something in car.

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Content created and supplied by: Wilfredmuchui (via Opera News )

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