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5 habits that will help you save more while at the same time care for the planet


The Corona virus pandemic has rendered many Kenyans jobless. Everything has changed since then. In order to cope, businesses and even people have moved to offering online services. This has not only limited movement, but also time and money.

Saving money.... this is what most of us need right now. Even better, saving your pocket also means saving the planet. The environmental issues affecting our planet are becoming more severe each passing day!

You can help reverse the situation. Changing your lifestyle from what you eat, wear and how you move is all the planet desperately requires right now. Consider these options to save more.

1. Switch off your lights and devices when not in use. When your lights and devices remain on for longer periods, they use more electric power. This in turn increases your electricity bills. Switching off will save your cash a great deal.

2. Use water sparingly. Water bills can be unfriendly sometimes. Reducing the amount of water you use can lower the bills or the cost of looking for water elsewhere.

3. Use public transportation more. Driving alone is more costly than using public transportation. So, always use public transport where you can.

4. Switch your protein sources. A kilo of meat, for example, is expensive than a kilo of groundnuts yet they are both sources of protein. Using plant sources is thus cheap and will enable you to save more. Also, use veges more often, no one will kill you for that.

5. Forget about fashion. When things are on fashion, they cost more. What is the need of getting that fashion pair of shoes when yours are still okay?

Those are the five top ways you can reduce your expenditure for the better. Try them and see how far you get.

Content created and supplied by: MakokhaB (via Opera News )

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