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Five Groups of People You Should Never Welcome to Your House in Nairobi

Don't let your kindness be used against you, here are five groups of people you should never welcome into your house in Nairobi.

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1. First Day Friends

You meet someone for the first time in a game, along the streets, in a matatu or even in a Salon then you carry them to your house. Never do that, you could regret it later when you realise, you were being trapped. There have been cases of people taking new or friends they make along the streets to their houses only to wake up in empty houses

2. Street Pastors/Prophets

Personally, I've never trusted street Pastors and prophets. But this is on a serious note, don't be deceived by a "man of God" you meet along the streets performing miracles. Thugs know Africans trust religious leaders more than anyone else and have been using it against innocent believers. To be safe, never welcome strange pastors and prophets to your house. This is not only in Nairobi, but across the country. Let them preach from outside, you'll still listen to them

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3. Hawkers

Unless you are fond of them, and only particular ones, never welcome hawkers to your house. Criminals can disguise as anything to persuade or to trap a potential victim. Let them wait from outside while you get yourself or them what you need.

4. Non-uniformed Officers with no IDs

If a group of people in civilian clothes come to your home claiming to be police officers, ask them to show you their IDs before allowing them in, otherwise don't allow them in, not unless that are accompanied by a uniformed officer with an Id. They could as well be thugs. Who knows.

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5. Beggars

If you want to help a beggar you pick from the streets, please first send them to a rehabilitation center. Don't be so kind that you meet a street person begging then you immediately welcome them to your house. You'll be robbed.

In conclusion, never welcome strangers to your house, unless they precisely introduce themselves and show their identification documents.

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