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Taxi company Turns Its Idle Cars Into Vegetable Gardens

Thailand's cab sector has been ravaged by restrictions due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Many taxi drivers have returned to their villages after leaving big cities, thus one Bangkok-based taxi company has turned its idle cars into a gigantic vegetable garden.

"This is the last choice we have. On the roofs of these cabs, we need to plant veggies. We still have loans on certain cabs that we took out in 2019 or 2020, sometimes for as much as [around $21,000]. We decided to grow veggies on these cars because they were just sitting there "Thapakorn elaborated.

In an interview with France 24, Assawalertkun, the man who helps operate the vegetable-growing Ratchaphruek Taxi Cooperative.

Bangkok's cab firms rely significantly on tourism, and the economy has halted as travel restrictions have kept tourists at home for the majority of 2020. Some nations are gradually lifting travel bans due to the coronavirus, but recovery has been slow, and many drivers have moved to the countryside to find work. The remaining employees, according to Assawalertkun, all gave money to create the garden.

Bangkok's taxi fleet is mostly made up of late-model Toyota automobiles. By draping a plastic tarp over a bamboo frame and placing it over a flat panel, such as the hood and roof, workers transformed a Camry into a garden. Chili peppers, eggplants, and zucchini are among their harvests. They're also growing frogs; an old tire is placed on a tarp and filled with water to form a makeshift aquarium in which frogs can mature.

Employees will be fed vegetables cultivated and frogs reared by the cab company.

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Assawalertkun Bangkok-based France 24 Ratchaphruek Thailand


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