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Jalango's Statement Following Mtumba Man Claims On Empty Promises

After Mtumba man hawking videos went viral, many business brands and companies came out to support his hustle by promising him goodies in terms of bales, cash and even a fully paid for holiday. Some delivered, others did not. The empty promises prompted him to consider going back to Kisumu to continue with his hustle.

However, Jalango has given a statement detailing that most of the brands that promised the Mtumba man goodies delivered, and that he should be patient with those who are yet to deliver. He also went ahead to urge those who are yet to fulfil their promises to the Mtumba guy to do so. Here is his post:

This guy's story goes to show how easily the internet can make you famous in a short time, only for you to be forgotten later. I wish that even after the fame, this guy should not have stopped doing his funny hawking videos at least to help him stay relevant. What do you think about his plans to go back to Kisumu and to his old hustle?

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