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Prepare For The Heavy Rains From 8th-12th If You Live In The Following Counties

The Kenya Meteorological Department mainly deals with the weather forecast. Weather stations around the world make daily measurements of temperatures, rainfall, wind speeds and directions, air pressure and other weather features with various instruments. The Meteorological Department prepare a weather report in which all all the weather information is plotted on the maps. Using these maps, weather forecasters predict the weather conditions accurately which is then communicated through social media.

There is a variety of end uses to weather forecast. Weather warning are important forecast because they are used to protect life and protect life and property. Forecast based on temperature and precipitation are important to agriculture and therefore to traders within commodity markets. Temperatures forecasts are used by utility companies to estimate demand over coming days. On an everyday basis, many use weather forecasts to determine what to determine what to wear on a given day. Since outdoor activities are severely curtailed by heavy rains, snow and winds. Therefore weather forecast can be used to plan activities around these events and to plan ahead and survive them. Therefore the following is the weather forecast for the next five days in the following Counties.

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