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The New Tricks Con Men Are Using To Steal Money From Mpesa

There is a new trick that culprits have been using to con people and take their hard earned money. I have decided to write this article in order make you aware of these new conning tricks.

As it has been discovered, there are people going around the streets and claiming to be Safaricom agents. These people have some sim cards which they are lending either for free or at lower charges.

Due to the economy, most people decide to get these cheap sim cards and this is where the conning trick lies. These fake agents request for personal details claiming that they require these details to register you with mpesa services.

Later, they deposit some amount of money in your mpesa and then call Safaricom customer care pretending to have forgotten the Mpesa pin. Since they have all your personal details, they are able to convince the customer care that they are the owners of your sim card.

After acquiring a new pin from the customer care, they access your mpesa account and steal the money in your account. It is hence Important to be very careful while making a sim card purchase. It is advisable to buy from a verified agent to avoid being scammed.

Content created and supplied by: Ngunduria (via Opera News )



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