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Passengers Stranded After Modern Coast Bus Get Stuck for Hours

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Passengers travelling from Mombasa to Kisumu were inconvenienced for hours after Modern Coast bus got stuck at 4:00am. The bus got stuck in Samburu making travellers worried as the bus company took a lot of time to respond to travellers.

People travelling in the bus have blamed the company for failing to tell them what was happening. Passengers have complained that the company took too long to clarify the issue.

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Passengers had worries when the bus first broke down in Changamwe. Just a few hours when it left to Samburu it got stuck making many passengers angry.

A parent who had their children travelling by the bus but was not travelling with their kids complained. The parent lamented that the bus was slow on clarifying the issue yet it was important for relatives and friends to be updated on what was going on.

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“I have kids travelling in that bus and Modern Coast is taking too long to respond. I want a clarification on why the bus keeps breaking down tonight. We need proper communication from the offices,” the parent lamented.

Sikika Road Safety has asked the responsible stakeholders to move with speed to ensure that the passengers get help.

During this festive season, many Kenyans are expected to travel upcountry to celebrate with their families.

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