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Here's Why These Nets Are Used in Buildings and Construction Sites

Construction, by its nature, involves heavy labor and various risk factors.

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The construction site comprises of any place where construction work is being carried out or to which the workers have access, but does not include a workplace within the site which is set aside for purposes other than construction work. 

The health and safety of construction workers should be considered at the highest level. Statistics show that occupational accidents occur the most at work sites where working at height is required.

Therefore, it is essential that safety equipment is used at sites where working at height is required.

In construction sites you'll probably see a net on the buildings which is among the safety equipment and it's called a construction safety net. 

Construction safety netting system is also known as debris netting which can be installed both horizontally or vertically according to the requirements.

Most of the people may not be aware of the use of the net but below are the reasons it's used in the construction sites.

What's the use of the construction safety net? 

Construction safety netting made of high density polyethylene or polyethylene is widely used in the construction sites. 

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The nets installed below a high-level work area reduce the distance that a worker can fall.

They absorb the impact of the fall and provide a 'soft landing' to reduce the likelihood of a person being injured.

Safety nets are collective fall arrest systems, not fall restraint systems. 

It also prevents building materials from falling down and avoid possible harms to the passing pedestrians caused by the falling materials. 

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