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Interesting Details About Laurence Kipchumba, Son To The Late Jonathan Moi Who Cuts Trees For Upkeep

Laurence Kipchumba is son to the late Jonathan Moi owing his father even attended his initiation ceremony as per the traditions of the Kalenjin community. He however today suffers cutting trees to feed his young family as he has nobody to depend to or a dependable career opportunity.

Laurence was left straded after the death of his father who he describes as very generous and loving always taking for their needs just like any other father. However after his death he attended his burial where he met Gideon Moi personal assistant who promised to help him secure a job so that he can be able to raise his young family. He stays with his family at the late Lena Moi's home where his father took him since his childhood.

Laurence Kipchumba has however tried to his level to get the attention of Gideon Moi or any member of the Moi family to no success. Unfortunately nobody recognized him as part of the Moi family something that makes him heavily regret knowing his paternal identity.

Laurence has however moved on with his life always working hard to ensure issues his family are sorted as he cannot sit and watch to see his family sleep hungry. He has always strived hard to take care of their needs through his wages hoping one day the gates of blessings will open and swallow him alive with his entire family.

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