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The One Kiss That Drained 700,000 From A 60 Year Old Man.

60 Year old man, Mr Tom Ikonya, was left in shock and disbelief after he drained all 700,000 from a land he had sold within a span of 6 days. The old man who was born in Nyeri had gone to sell one of his assets in Maragũa with the plans of investing in a meat business only for tables to turn for him. According to the Man, once he received the payment of the land he decided to" thank"himself and decided to enter in the nearest bar in Maragũa for refreshments. Inside the bar, he met a good cunning woman whom pretended to be good to him from the start. The woman kept telling him that it is risky to get drunk and at the same time you are rich. If only he knew he was talking with the devil himself he would have adhered to what his friend whom kept warning him about the lady only to forget the warnings once he received the kiss from the woman. The man narrates that the woman offered him a place to sleep throughout until all his money was drained and left him stranded with nothing and no where to go.

When the woman knew that thare was nothing else from the man to benefit, she left him in the bar with nothing and promised him that she would return soon only for her to disappear for good.

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