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Areas To Have Long Hours Of Power Interruption From 9am To 5pm As Announced By KPLC

KPLC is the leading power supply in the whole country. It has the monopoly of supplying electricity do homes,companies, factories and even other agricultural farms. Therefore,whenever they announces blackout in certain areas,many people find it hard to adjust tp other available sources of power eg biogas,solar power etc.

Kenya Power Lightening Company this evening through their verified twitter handles, have announced places that will be under long hours of electricity blackout on Wednesday, 26 January so as KPLC personnel's can carry out systeam maintenance.

However, KPLC have always be warning peoples to stop illegal practises that can lead to tumpering of national grid systeam and causes power failure, these practises include; Illegal connections, Poor terminations to mention a few. Furthermore, flood, heavy rainfall can destroy electricity poles and power connection leading to a need of replacing them with others, and in the process, electricity have to be switch off.

However, power interuption plan is that, places mentioned below will face long hours of electricity blackout tommorow 26, January for maintenance process to take place.

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