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3 Simple Ways To Tell GMO From Organic Foods

GMO means, genetically modified foods and these foods has various effects on our body; some countries grow modified foods like corn and potatoes while others declare themselves GMO-free. There are no proofs that these foods are harmful but some people believe that consumption may cause development of diseases which are immune to antibiotics. Before purchasing any food product, this is what you should do to confirm if it is organic or GMO,

Read the label

Some individuals do label these products so when a customer goes to purchase, he/she doesn’t get confused. In USA, fruits and vegetables are labeled with a PLU-code of 5 numbers, the code for GM products starts with 8. Also pay attention to inscriptions as some foods may contain GMO but not more than 0.9%

Pay attention to how the product looks

Genetically modified foods actually looks very perfect and are very attractive, everyone loves a nice looking tomatoes. These products have a nice shape and they do not expired so fast. The Bacillus thuringiensis gene is added to this product and it produces a toxin that poisons pests. If you see vegetables that are not touched by insects just know they are GMO

If you feel like you should avoid these foods, remember this,

78% of soybeans, 33% of corn, 24 % of rapeseed and 64% of cotton in the world are transgenic. They are added to foods like chocolate syrup, cottonseed and peanut butter, sweet drinks, mayonnaise, semi-finished products and flour mixtures a

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