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How Elite Border Police Unit Train With The US, Its 16 Companies Revealed


(PHOTO: BPU officers in an operarational planning)

The Administration Police Service is mandated to perform border patrol and border security under Section 27 (e) of the National Police Service Act of 2011. The Border Police Unit (BPU) was established in 2008 to put this mandate into action as the country's first line of defense in collaboration with other authorities.

The Border Police Training Campus (BPTC), formerly known as Kanyonyo Field Training Camp, was built in 2009 to improve field training for Administration Police officers. Border Patrol School was restructured in February 2012 to improve training for Border Police Unit (BPU) officers in collaboration with the United Kingdom government's Joint Counter Terrorism Training Advisory (JCTTAT) team.

(PHOTO: AP Police with US's Anti-Terrorism Assistance Officers)

The two institutes amalgamated in 2013, and the Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) of the United States of America began delivering courses the following year.

The institution was renamed NPS Border Training Campus as part of the National Police Service's reorganization policy framework and plan. The campus's training mandate will be expanded to include all specialized units (CIPU,RDU,ASTU) that fall under the Administration Police Service's protective and border security jurisdiction.

(PHOTO: BPU during an operation across Kenya-Somalia Border)

According to Administration Police Service’s website, the training campus is extensively offers the following courses;

Courses For BPU

Special to role courses, Pre-deployment courses, Tactics and weapon handling, Counter ieds/ground sign awareness, Street fight/street patrols, Close quarter battle, Map reading/navigation, Pysical training, Tactical medic, Community engagement, Counter terrorism, Operational intelligence and Forensic handling.

(PHOTO: Aerial View of NPS Border Training Campus)

Kenya's national borders are patrolled by BPU officers to protect the country against cross-border crime.

In their website, BPU list the following as their operational bases across the whole country;

A-Company (Galgamalla, Sangailu)

B-Coy (Unit Headquarters),

C-Company (Modika, Ijara)

D-Company (Kwale, Rombo, Lunga Lunga, Katolongwe)

E-Company (Milhoi, Ndeu, Nyangoro)

F-Company (Sheikh barrow, Fino)

G-Company (Nadapal, Todonyang)

H-Company (Unit Headquarters)

J- Company (Kamanga, Fino, Ijara, Kotulo Wajir, Hulugho, Kotile, Mararani, Nyangoro, Qarsa, Garissa, and Lappset- Lamu)

K- Company (Mangai, Kiangwe)

L- Company (Diff, Wajir, Qarsa)

M-Company (Moyale, Kamanga, Forole)

N-Company (Choroqo, Elwak and Wall Security)

P-Company (Saru, Buluk)

Q- Company (Kulan, Welmerer, Abdisugow)

R- Company (Bananey, Amuma, and Yumbis)

BORSOPT (Ndau, Mkokoni, Mtangawanda and Ugingo, Remba, Muhuru Bay and Kisumu port)

(BPU during an operation)

You can read more from their website, Administration Police Service.

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