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Widow Reveals How 'Teenage Vampire' Destroyed Her Family By Killing Neighbor's Son & Drunk His Blood

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The increasing number of cases involving serial Killers in the country have been rising with new cases being reported with regularity. The issue of mental health has been pinpointed as a major concern especially during this difficult period of Covid-19. 

For the family of Haron Ajuga and Mary Ajuga, life has never been the same since February 2018 when the actions of a serial killer landed them in deep trouble with their neighbors. 

It was after a 13-year boy was brutally murdered by unknown people in Transnzoia before his body was dumped in a thicket. The boys' blood had been sucked in a vampire style which left villagers even angrier. 

The angry villagers needed someone to pay for the boys' life and they settled on the Ajega couple. They dragged the husband from the house and started beating him badly. He was rescued by a BodaBoda guy who rushed him to the Kiminini police station. 

The angry villagers burned everything the Ajega owned. Despite escaping the angry villagers, The husband never recovered fully he denied it last year while hiding in Kisii. 

A year after his death, the old man was finally vindicated that he was not the killer. Instead, the killer was an 18-year-old boy who had been standing there all along as the angry Mob lynched Ajega. Masten Wanjala had successfully killed his first victim, drunk his blood, and dumped the body. 

This was to happen to 12 other children in the next few years. By the time he confessed, Masten had killed 13 children in Bungoma, Machakos, and Nairobi. 

Miss Ajega is still in pain when she recalls how the infamous Teenage Vampire had destroyed her family with her actions. She wishes her husband was alive to witness the day his name is cleared. 

The police have nicknamed Wanjala as the teenage vampire, a tag that he has reportedly accepted with pride. He will be charged with murder once the investigations have been completed. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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