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"My Mother Drugged Me And Sold Me To Prostitution At Age 14, At one Point She Tried To Kill me" Joy

Joy(not her real name) is an innocent young girl who has gone through alot of hardships in the hands of her own mother. When she was old enough to understand what life is, her mother has never showed her love.

One day when she was in form one, a woman came to visit her mum and she kept talking of how good her life in Prostitution was. Joy claims that her mum didn't know this woman but she was very fascinated with this story.

That woman told Joy that she wanted to take her out and she took her to a restaurant. She bought two sodas one for her and one for her mum. When she took her drink, she found herself in a lodging. She was in company of a 35-year old man. When she asked the man why he was there, he told her that he had paid for the services.

When she went home and asked her mum, her mother told her to get used to it. That was her life every holiday she was at home. From that day, she would sleep with two men per day.

When she was 15 years old, she grew tired of what she was going through and decided to kill herself but luckily she heard of a person who was listened to her story and took her in. They reported the case at the police station but when the Grandmother pleaded with her to drop the charges she obliged.

The woman who had taken her in was very angry so she chased her away. When she went back home, her mum started threatening that she would kill her. One day she sent joy to buy something but joy forgot the keys. When she went back to the house she found her mum putting poison to her food. She pretended not to see it and she went where she gad been sent. When she came back, she threw the food away.

When her mum saw she had not dead, she started beating her up and she ran away again , this time she found herself in a children's home where she has been living until she found a person who took her in and has been treating her right.

It is so sad what parents are willing to do to their kids just for money.

What are your thoughts guys?

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