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"My Son Died In An Accident After My In-laws Failed To Pay For His Education. I Was Heartbroken;Rose

Rose Wangui from Nairobi painfully narrates how her son died through in an accident, a few weeks after her in-laws failed to pay for his secondary education.

According to her she was born in Muranga in a family of five children. She finished her secondary education there and she relocated to Nairobi to live with her aunt. While she lived there she met a young man and the two got married.

She moved in with him a few months later and she got pregnant soon after. Her husband supported her through the pregnancy until when she gave birth. Three months later she got a job as she helped her husband with paying bills. They were blessed with two more children afterwards.

She went on to say that a few years in her marriage, her husband started drinking alcohol and he became adicted. He barely bought food at home nor take care of her and the children. His drinking habits became serious and he fell sick. He went to hospital and the doctors said that he had liver cirrhosis and he didn't stop drinking.

After a few months later his liver was badly damaged and he died. She buried him with the help of her family and friends and her in-laws promised to pay for her children's education. However when her son finished his primary education they refused to help her in paying for his secondary education.

He failed to join highschool and she couldn't afford his education. A few weeks after her in-laws refused to cater for his secondary education, he started doing ordinary jobs. He became a bus taut and three days after he got his job the unthinkable happened.

She said that on his way to work her son was involved in an accident after a tank full of water fell on him while he had taken his boss's care for cleaning. He died instantly and he was taken to the mortuary. Later that evening she was informed by his friends that her son had died and she was filled with grief.

"When my son died I was heartbroken because he was my first born child." She said.

She planned for his funeral and her in-laws never came to his funeral nor contributed towards his burial. She believes that if her in-laws had agreed to pay for her son's school fees he would still be alive today.

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