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Road Accident

KOT Blast Caroline Mutoko For Claiming Matatus Should Not be allowed On Nairobi Expressway

Media personality Carol Mutoko has faced the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter, after questioning why matatus are allowed to use Nairobi Expressway.

Wait ✋️we now have Matatus on the expressway? Courting trouble....She tweeted.

However, this did not sit well with Kenyans' maturity, who saw it as an insult to poor Kenyans who use matatus.

Here are some of Kenyans' reactions:

The GOAT: Imagine seeing that and thinking, "What is going on with our country, Matatus on the highway?" Anyway, I now commute by chopper because I despise Vawulence.

mwalim jini: I don't see why not, unless they are exempted, but I hear there is a plan to build a super expressway on top of the existing one for people who don't like matatus.

Propesaa: We should blame the driver, not the entire matatu industry, for poor driving. Was it a matatu that was involved in the accident the other day?

Pinky: Kwani Ni Babako alitengeza Matatu ziwezi Tumia.Look Psychologist Have been arguing the express Way was supposed to be designed by eng involving them in every process,coz that's how Dubai designed theirs,but wewe ni Mdomo twe.

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