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I Acted As My Mother's Guarantor At Age 6 After She Was Unable To Pay A Loan; Woman Sadly Shares.

Julia from Nakuru county painfully narrates her sad life story on how she acted as her mother's guarantor at the age of six after she was unable to pay a loan.

Julia's mother raised her single-handedly and according to her, their life was filled with numerous challenges since her mother wasn't able to meet all their basic needs. She ended up doing an illicit business whereby she transported goods from Tanzania to Kenya through some Indians who were her mother's friends.

One day, she had borrowed money from them to conduct her business but unfortunately, she fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. Due to her condition, she couldn't work, and she was unable to pay the loan and that's when she decided to take Julia in their house in exchange for the loan.

She was to work there as their house girl until her mother cleared the loan. Julia was very young, and she recalls that it was the most painful ordeal of her life. She says that while there, she used to eat dog food which she was only allowed to prepare and leftovers too. She went through countless challenges, including rape from their eldest son.

Furthermore, she stayed there for nearly five years with all the difficulties and that's when her mother returned, but she was still sickly. Not only that, but she didn't recognize her then because she left when she was still very young, and she had changed a lot. She had come to beg them to give her Julia, since she was living in her last days. 

They declined her request and chased her away. Later, Julia heard the news that her mother had passed on a few days after her visit. She was very devastated and didn't know what would become of her. From them on, the mistreatment from her bosses intensified since they felt that they have lost their money completely after her mother's death. They used to beat her nearly to death, she states.

Luckily, one day she managed to escape from the home via the help of a good Samaritan who used to come to visit. She started a life of her own and says that although she forgave the mother, the scars are still fresh with her to date.

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Julia Nakuru


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