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Trigger Warning: 15-year Old Allegedly Assaulted Sexually By 5men, 1lady And Mzungu's Dog

Kenyans have been filled with emotions following a narration made by Human Rights Defender Njeri Wa Migwi. Njeri narrated how a 15-year old minor was sexually and physically abused by several people including a woman and a dog.

Njeri explained that the victim arrived in Nairobi CBD some minutes last 7pm. She approached a guy and asked him where she could board a matatu to her home. The guy responded that he was headed to that direction and offered to take her there. However, after minutes of travelling in the guy's car, the lady became suspicious as the guy was on the phone throughout and questioned him where they were headed. He however assured her that everything was okay. They stopped at Ngara, the guy ordered her to carry a sack and directed her into a room.

Upon reaching on stairs, the guy gave her a slap, grabbed her, tied her hands and put a tape around her mouth. The second perpetrator came and the sexual abuse began. To make it worse, they did not use any protection.

On the second day, they brought her tea and Mandazi and when she refused to take them, they poured it on her Miss V. A lady dressed in a Buibui came in, drew blood from her body and injected the victim.

The following day, the victim found herself in another room being filmed as she was being defiled by a stranger. She alleged that they also used pipes connected to power to abuse her. A Mzungu man also came in with a dog and forced her to be in the act with it.

The lady luckily came out of the house and she is to undergo multiple surgeries to remove bottles and cotton wool since she can not walk well.

Screenshot of a post on Facebook by Njeri Wa Migwi

Kenyans have shared their disbelief concerning this story and the current state of insecurity and moral decadence in our society.

Screenshots of some of the comments

With the increasing rate of crimes and sexual violence in our country, it is high time we stand up as a society and fight against it. Wishing quick recovery to the minor.

What do you think needs to be done to curb such cases? Feel free to drop your opinion on the comments section.

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