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Revealed: What Killed Renown Nigerian Tweeter Influencer Tunde

Tunde. Image: Tweeter.

Friends and followers of Nigeria's renowned social media influencer Tunde aka Tuneri, continue pouring messages of condolences four days after his sudden demise, with friends alleging that he may have committed suicide out of depression.

His death came just a day after he took to his Twitter account and posted that he badly needed money.

"I need money like mad, Jesus," he tweeted.

Some tweeps who reacted to the news of his death expressed how sad it was for them to hear about Tunde committing suicide just a day after tweeting that he needed money.

His followers also called out on Tunde’s friends and close relatives who are friends with him on Twitter for not doing anything about his tweet that may have led to his death.

One tweeter user going by the name @Neo_Marshall posted: Honestly for a guy to survive this period, he needs to be able to open up either to his parents, friends or his woman. Sadly nobody listens until they can’t take it anymore and go. RIP Tunde.

Orgasm.NG wrote: In 2017 I almost took my own life, Tunde was one of the people that checked on me. 2021, he is dead! Sigh! I wish I could have used the strength he gave me on that day.

Fejiro. Warri based chef. Extra posted: No offence but people are quite hypocritical. Dude killed himself because he needed money. I am sure he has guys who could wrap up 100-200k for him or his close followers but no, it is now that he is dead, they are saying ‘Tunde No’ No what exactly. Do better abeg.

Here are more screenshots:

The harsh economic times catapulted by the Coronavirus pandemic has seen to many people especially young, losing it and going suicidal due to lose of jobs and decline in their businesses.


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