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"My Wife Has Been Trying To Chase Me From Our House, I'm Thinking Of Ending My Life," Man Confesses

In many societies, it is the responsibility of a man to provide and take care of the family. When a man fails to take care of his wife and children, he often receives disrespect in some communities. Some men even end up getting divorced after they become jobless.

A man whose identity has not been hidden has told how his life has become so hard since he lost his job. According to the man, he has been married for the past nine years and they are blessed with one child. Things were normal in the family until last year when he lost his job. His wife no longer respects him and she has been trying her best to chase him from their house because he no longer provides like he used to.

The worst part is that he has nowhere to go. His mental health is badly affected and he has not been able to sleep for the past four days. The man is currently thinking about committing suicide.

"I have been married for 9 years and we have one kid, everything was normal until last year when I lost my job. My wife has always been trying to chase me out of the house because I am not providing like I used to.

The saddest part is that I have nowhere, and I mean nowhere to go. My mental health is badly affected. This is the fourth day I haven't slept. I'm thinking of ending my life. I have lost purpose, I'm broke, I honestly have nowhere to go."

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