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Kenyans on Twitter React to a Case in Eldoret Where a 17 Year Old Boy is Accused of Defiling His Agemate

A 17 year old boy has denied defiling a 17 year old girl in an Eldoret courtroom in one of the most bizzare cases seen in the court. Kenyans have reacted to the case by saying how crude the law is in terms of two minors who decide to be in a relationship.

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The young man was accused of defiling his agemate on April 18. He had previously pleaded guilty to the offence but changed tune on this particular mentioning and said that he was not guilty.

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Barnabas Kiptoo, the Resident Magistrate adjourned the case to May the 17th when the boy will be brought back to the court. Kenyans took to Twitter to express their frustration with such a bizzare case.

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There have been numerous cases of defilement in the country but one where it involved two minors is a rarity.

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