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Road Accident

Polisi Wako Wapi? Two Rogue Motorists Clash While on Major Road & Start Knocking at Each Other

Two motorists have sparked sharp reactions on social media after they were captured breaking traffic rules.

It has been reported that the motorists were having road rage while along the busy Kilifi-Malindi road on Friday morning.

The drivers of the two private cars reportedly clashed and started knocking each other thus disrupting other road users

Sikika Road Safety Kenya has since urged Kenya police to move with speed and arrest the two drivers because a deadly accident could happen

"@NPSOfficial_KE Drivers of these two vehicles are having road rage while on the road at Kilifi Malindi highway, do something before it becomes a breaking sad news," Sikika Road Safety said

The national government has been urging drivers to drive carefully while on the roads during this festive season to minimise the rate of accidents.

Many people have lost their lives due to unavoidable accidents that happen on Kenyan roads. Some drivers break basic traffic rules while trying to outsmart others on road or rather trying to prove their driving prowess.

Content created and supplied by: NancyL (via Opera News )

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